Here's how to get The Futurist, the new jazz/funk/rock/bossa album from Dan Ackerman.

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About the artist
When he's not recording jazz/funk-infused indie music, New York native Dan Ackerman is a former radio DJ turned journalist. As a senior editor at CNET, he's a regular on the TV news talking head circuit, and has covered music, games, and tech for Men's Journal, SPIN, and others.

Dan's fourth release is the bossa-nova-tinged 'The Futurist.' Inspired by his love for classic Brazilian jazz, from Antonio Carlos Jobim to Sergio Mendes, the album lays bossa beats over indie jazz rock, with plenty of Rhodes organs and funky basslines.

Like his previous albums, 'The Futurist' is a mix of instrumental and vocal tracks, mixing influences from jazz, R&B, and soul, with lo-fi singer-songwriter rock, creating an eclectic mix that recalls artists from Steely Dan to Beck.